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Social Responsibility Policy

It is our goal at Omnitau to meet our customer expectations by acting in a professional and responsible manner within the context of our corporate and commercial activities.

It is our aim to understand and respect the implications of the wider political, economical, social, cultural, technological and environmental factors, which interact and shape the operations of the business and society as a whole.

At Omnitau, a key factor in supplementing this understanding is by working in association with our customers, to continually assess and enhance our ethical standards.

At each of our supplier sites throughout the United Kingdom, the suppliers only employ personnel / workers who have a legal right to work in the country, the working conditions are safe and hygienic, the Company does not use child labour and employment is freely chosen.

Wages and benefits are paid, the Company provides clear and fair terms and conditions of employment, working hours are not excessive and the right to collective bargaining and freedom of association are respected.

The Company is committed to the on-going support, welfare, training and development of its employees. 

The Company does not condone any form of inhumane treatment or intimidation.

The Company has an established Health & Safety Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy, a formal Discipline and Grievance procedure and a Bullying and Harassment policy.

In terms of the surrounding environment and also the immediate community, the Company operates an Environmental Policy and is supportive of initiatives and work groups which provide guidance on social, cultural, economical and political issues which impact on the Company’s operations at a ‘local’ level.

The Company sources the ingredients for our products at fair market prices and from suppliers who are ethically conscious.

In each instance, Omnitau is committed to sharing our experiences and knowledge with suppliers, customers, shareholders and employees alike.